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Funding and support for marine & offshore businesses

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Doing business in the marine & offshore sector becomes very challenging with extended payment terms and rising labour costs. We understand the challenges and provide dedicated cash flow solutions to support contractors' billings to shipyards.

We advance cash against the value of your invoices before they are paid, giving you sufficient cash flow to meet the demands of running your business. To help your business benefit from the services we offer, we can support you with Progress Claim Finance and Factoring.

The benefits to your Marine & Offshore company

Our funding can help you to:

  • Meet your upfront and ongoing labour and essential material costs
  • Hire new employees or retain and pay your skilled workers on time
  • Deliver existing contracts or take on new projects

  • Manage any seasonal fluctuations
  • Focus on the day-to-day running of your business

Why choose us?

We can help you because:

  •  We provide specialist funding solutions to sub-contractors and manpower contractors to shipyards in ship building, conversion or rig building businesses
  • We bridge up the gap between billings and payments which may take up to 120 days
  • We collect payments on your behalf to free up your time and resources

  • We provide Progress Claim Finance which supports progress billings
  • We do not require any tangible collateral 


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