Funding and support for businesses selling goods overseas

Export Factoring allows your business to release cash against your overseas customer invoices.

It’s not a loan, but a way of accessing the cash you’re owed by overseas customers more quickly, helping you manage your cash flow and continue to grow your business.

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How does export factoring work?


Invoice your overseas customers

… and upload the details using our secure online portal


Access your funds

…we pay up to 80% of the value of your invoice within 24 hours


Collect payment

…we collect payment on your behalf leaving you to focus on running your business


Get paid the remainder

…minus our pre-agreed fees

  • Remove complexity of different languages, currencies and time zones
  • Manage your account 24/7 with our secure online portal
  • Protect against customer insolvency with Credit Protection

Key Benefits



No limit to funding available for international sales for one or more customers



Choose to let us manage your credit control or keep it in the hands of your in-house finance team



With the option of Credit Protection



Funding and support available wherever in the world your customers are



Get cash against the value of your invoices as they are raised


Is Export Factoring right for you?

Export Factoring provides a flexible funding solution, for businesses that have customers overseas who have extended payment terms, or businesses that have issues collecting payments from abroad.

It is perfect for you if you:

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tick Provide goods and/or services to other businesses

tick Issue your customers with credit terms of between 30 and 90 days

tick Have strong credit management and control reporting tools

tick Can demonstrate a capable management team

tick Looking to expand internationally


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