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Who are we? 

Bibby Financial Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd is part of the Bibby Financial Services Group who are the world's largest independent specialist in Invoice Finance in over 40 locations, 10 countries worldwide. We work with a strong and diverse network of financial intermediaries, such as Finance Brokers, Accountants and Business Consultants, who each play a role in referring new business to our Group enabling us to assist many businesses throughout the world with their financing needs.

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Why choose Bibby?

Bibby Financial Services (Singapore) provides flexible, tailor-made cash flow solutions for your clients business. Despite the global financial crisis and its efforts, we are in an enviably strong and secure position to help firms across the globe improve their cash flow situation. At a time when other financial institutions are tightening their belts; our doors are very much open for business and as always we are ready to do deals.

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Should you have any client situations that you would like to discuss or require further information about become part of our network of financial intermediaries we would be delighted to hear from you.


Bibby Financial Services (Singapore) ‘s referral program – all you need to know

We wanted to address 10 common questions that we get asked when it comes to our referral scheme.

  • Remind me how BFSS’ referral program works?
For each client that you refer to us, we pay you a fee. It’s as simple as that. 
  • How much do you pay and how long?
We pay a referral fee of 10% of the service fee earned over a period of three years.

  • How does your referral fee compare to other referral fees?
Unlike others where their referral fee is a one off, our referral fee is paid over three years.
You are able to receive a stable and reasonable income if you refer cases to us regularly.
In addition, our referral fee grows with your clients’ turnover, the more they factor to us the more you are rewarded.  

  • How do I get a stable income?

Let’s assume that you refer a case with a turnover of $5 million per annum and our service fee is 0.75%
Also assume that you refer 5 cases to us.
Based on the above, you will get an annual income of $ $18,750 which is derived as follows;
$5million X 0.75% X10% X 5 = $18,750
The income of $18,750 per annum will translate into a monthly income of $1,562.50. This will enable you to plan your personal cash flow. So long as your client is with us, you will be paid over three years.

  • How can I grow my income?

The more clients you refer to us, the higher your income as shown below:

No of cases Monthly income







  • Am I suitable to do such referrals?

If you are formerly working as an RM in banks, finance companies, leasing companies, credit insurance companies and you have good contacts with small businesses in Singapore you can consider taking up our referral scheme.


  • How do I go about doing it?
• You must register a company with ACRA
• Sign a referral agreement with us
• We will provide you with the necessary training on factoring


  • Do I have to do much work?

If the client is interested, just refer the case to us and our BDM will do the rest. However, you have to ensure that you are not aware of any adverse information concerning the client.


  • When will I be paid?

We will pay you every quarter after the case is activated.


  • Why should I choose BFSS’ referral program?

BFSS treats our referrers with due respect. We have referral programs in all the countries which we are represented.





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