Invoice Discounting

Free up your cash and build working capital, with complete confidentiality

Like many businesses, you may be looking for a way to release the cash tied up in your invoices, while maintaining control over your client relationships.

Invoice Discounting allows you to do just that. Whether you have cashflow challenges or want to finance growth, bridging the gap between raising an invoice and being paid is invaluable.

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What is Invoice Discounting?

How does invoice discounting work?


Invoice your customers

… and upload the details using our secure online portal


Access your funds

…within 24 hours


Collect payment

…yourself, maintaining responsibility of your customer relationships


Get paid the remainder

…minus our pre-agreed fees

  • Receive up to 80% of invoice value within 24 hours
  • Continue to liaise with your customers for payment
  • Completely confidential process

Key Benefits



Invoices paid within 24hours



Credit control and sales ledger taken care of



Relationship-based approach



24/7 client online service



With the option of Credit Protection



The option of a confidential service

Is Invoice Discounting right for you?

An Invoice Discounting facility provides a flexible funding solution, meaning that as your business sales grow your funding can too.

It is perfect for you if you:

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tick Provide goods and/or services to other businesses

tick Issue your customers with credit terms of between 30 and 90 days

tick Have strong credit management and control reporting tools

tick Can demonstrate a capable management team

tick Have been financially viable for a minimum of six months

Download our guide to Invoice Finance

Download our guide for further details about our Invoice Finance solutions

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