What is Invoice Finance?

Helping you understand what is factoring in business

What is Invoice Finance and Factoring?

Invoice Finance is a flexible funding solution for businesses looking to improve cash flow by releasing working capital from outstanding invoices.
Factoring is a form of Invoice Finance where our dedicated credit control team collect your outstanding invoices. This means your time is freed up to concentrate on running your business.

This means you effectively sell your invoices to us, at a discount, so you can receive payment within 24 hours of invoicing your customer.

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How does Invoice Finance work?

Invoice sent

Invoice your customers

And send a copy to us


We pay up to 80% of the value of your invoice

Within 24hrs, allowing you to pay your staff, suppliers and take on new orders


We collect payment on your behalf

Leaving you to focus on running your business


We pay you any remaining balances

Minus any agreed fees

The benefits for your business

There are many reasons businesses are increasingly turning to Invoice Finance.

  • Boost your cash flow without the need for debt - Because Invoice Finance is not a loan, you’re not taking on any debt. This keeps your cash flow healthy.
  • More time and resource to focus on your business - If you choose Invoice Factoring with us, you get a dedicated credit control service, allowing you to focus your time and energy on your business.
  • Minimise bad debt risks - To safeguard your business, we can offer Credit Protection which mitigates your bad debt risk. This provides reassurance, knowing you’ll receive payment and safeguard your cash flow even if your customers are unable to make payment or become insolvent.

  • Take advantage of new opportunities - With an improvement in cash flow you’ll be in a better position to take on new business opportunities, such as accepting new orders or expanding and investing in your business.
  • Gain discounts from suppliers - You can take advantage of volume discounting deals with your own suppliers as you will be able to buy larger units or to take advantage of supplier discounts for early payment.
  • Get to know your customers better - We can give you useful information about the credit standing of your customers, which can help you to negotiate better terms with your suppliers. It also means you can take on better quality customers and improve your debt position between more customers instead of concentrated in just a few.

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Which businesses use Invoice Finance?

If you provide goods or services to other businesses where invoicing is done in arrears, then factoring could be a good option for growing your business.

From start-ups to established businesses, Invoice Finance is a useful way to unlock your potential.

Invoice Finance gives you quicker access to cash without worrying about building up debt. Also, because it’s flexible, your credit can increase quickly to accommodate your growing sales.

Growing businesses or those entering new markets can find their plans stall without the necessary funding in place. Invoice Finance frees up cash so you can expand domestically or internationally.

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Why choose Bibby Financial Services?

Bibby Financial Services has been providing financial services to businesses worldwide for over 35 years. We have been working with Singapore business owners across many industries since 2012. We work fast to understand your business, so we can agree on options that will work for you.

We offer:

  • Speed – you get access to cash in 24 hours
  • Control – we take on the role of your credit department managing collections from your customers
  • Convenience – you can check your funding 24/7 with our Client Online service
  • Professionalism – we get to know our clients who value our relationship-based approach


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